REPOST: Jeg skal *GIFTES* med den smukkeste pige i verden

I dag er det et år siden jeg blev gift med min vidunderlige hustru og i den forbindelse tænkte jeg at jeg ville reposte det indlæg jeg lavede på min anden blog da jeg for lidt over to år siden friede til hende. Det er taget fra og er på engelsk og følgers efter billedet herunder:

YAY!!! I finally got my act together and took the big step and proposed to Julie this past Saturday (18 July 2009). I’ve wanted to to it for a very long time, but for some reason I had never taken the last step and asked her (yeah I know, I’m chicken!!).

Then came a couple of months ago where it suddenly occured to me that I needed to secure Julie was mine before she realizes she is waaaay to good for me, so I started looking for a ring, and over the last month or so I, with the help of Sabrina, Julies friend, bought the ring (man those things are expensive!!!), asked Julies dad if he would allow me asking Julie to marry me, and organised how I wanted to propose to her. As I remember Julies dad’s response it was “yes you can, but there will be no trousseau”

The planning of the proposal

So I originally decided I wanted to propose to Julie on our planned vacation this August to Malaga in Spain, where we are going with some friends. I had organised that I was to go for a game of golf and Julies friend would take her shopping. Julies friend was then supposed to take Julie to the habor where I would be standing at the end of the pier with a ring and get on my knee and ask her (cheesy I know, but I was fond of the idea).

That’s NOT the way it ended up happening. I simply couldn’t postpone it any longerthe day before yesterday and just the thought of having to wait another month before I could tell Julie that I want to spend the rest of my life with her was unbearable! So I eyed an opportunity when we woke up in Julies parents place Saturday and Julie asked me if it was ok that she went shopping with her mom for a few hours – just the time I needed!

I fired up the car (I actually don’t have a car, but had borrowed by parents’ car for the weekend) and hurried home to start the planning! I bought a nice (and already chilled) bottle of champagne and a large bouquet of flowers. Then came the planning part. I sat down and wrote and short letter to Julie where I told her how much I loved her and that she should go down to our basement where I would have a surprise for her. I placed the card and flowers so she couldn’t miss when she entered the apartment. I then went to the basement and placed champagne & glasses, a blanket and a bag to carry it in along with another small letter that told Julie that I loved her more than anything in the world and that she should drink this champagne with someone she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. I had also drawn a treasure map (the one on the left of here) that would lead her to me in the middle of a soccer field.

So while Julie was finding all this stuff I had prepared, I was hurrying out in the middle of the soccer field waiting for her. She had been shopping for dinner right before she got home and she hurried so much down to the basement when she read the card that she forgot to put the groceries in the fridge. When Julie found the stuff in the basement she didn’t suspect anything (proposal-wise) as she had the day before menitoned she would like a picnic which we ended up not doing, so she just thought I wanted to give her the picnic she missed the day before, nice right? (completely unintentional unfortunately, I hadn’t thought of it at all, but don’t tell her that ).

The proposal

Now because she didn’t suspect I was about to propose she also, when she arrived, started to unpack the blanket turning her head away from me (she seemed a little annoyed that I didn’t help with the blanket) while I was trying to get on my knees and propose. So while I was on my knees she was half-way sitting down not realizing what was going on until I told actually asked her.

Let me tell you that while I was 99.9999% sure Julie would say yes, when you are on your knees, hands shaking violently waiting for the girl of your dreams to stammer out a “YES, for the love of God, YES”, times moves very slowly. Julie was very surprised so she just looked at me for what seemed like forever (probably a couple of seconds in reality) until she told me “yes yes yes”,. Thankfully she seemed to like the ring I had picked a lot (the one on the left).

So the rain had stopped and we sat on the blanket and shared the bottle of champagne and cuddled and snuggled a bit – a very nice moment to share I have to say. Julie tried to call a bunch of family members, but to her huge frustration, no one picked up the phone But we went back to the apartment, made our nice dinner, shared a glass of wine while looking into each others eyes like two people who are about to get married (the wedding will be next year), and decided we wanted to go out and share this special moment with those of our friends who were free to come see us, which was surprisingly many (thanks to all of you, you rocked!!). So we gathered at a jazz bar (La Fontaine) and later at one of our friend’s apartment in the center of Copenhagen and had a fantastic evening/night.

The wedding will be next Summer and we’re looking forward to it (we can’t afford it of course, so I’m still hoping planning to win the lottery). And of course a year to think what we should be named (we want the same name, but can’t decide which that is ) and all the other practicalities.

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